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We develop a disruptive way to deliver data-driven cleaning services in challenging and agile workplaces

We integrate technology, data and services to offer a flexible and collaborative solution designed to make the building user and cleaner experience more positive.
Our innovative data-driven cleaning approach is connected to:
Increased customer satisfaction

30% improvement in customer satisfaction by delivering consistent service levels. Respond to complaints before they happen

Increased staff productivity

20% increase in staff productivity by moving to dynamic tasks with the Internet of Things.

Visibility & Control

Wowex enables you to view and control your cleaning operations in real-time, delivering insights and benchmarks 

Improve safety and compliance

Know where cleaners are at all times improving safety and reducing risk. Capture evidence of safety compliance to reduce liability

Rapidly changing workplaces:


To achieve an agile workplace is to create a space strategy that it´s inherently flexible, supported by technology and designed with the employee experience in mind.

Lastly, businesses in the facility services industry are challenged by increasingly complex workplaces. Choice, flexibility, and collaborative working are increasingly considered in the design of office buildings. This means that service providers are more and more required to handle irregular and unpredictable people flows proactively. As a result, long-established and predetermined approaches towards cleaning are no longer enough to meet shifting customer demands.


Welcome to the era of

data-driven cleaning

With the fourth industrial revolution upon us, the rate at which technology develops seems to know no bounds. The rise of Big Data, AI and IoT, in particular, is disrupting the way businesses operate in many industries, not least the cleaning services industry. 

Wowex is a genuine breakthrough an entirely new methodology that discards traditional techniques in favour of truly smart thinking, where cleaning teams and facility managers get real-time information about cleaning needs. This allows your team to do exactly what’s needed, when and where it's needed. The result is a revolutionary boost to efficiency, quality, user satisfaction and staff engagement

Thomas A. Edison

"There's a way to do it better - find it. "

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