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People first!

In the cleaning industry, people are by far the most important resource. In the past, businesses have tried to boost efficiency by putting greater demands on their workforce, making staff work more in the same amount of time.

According to a survey published, an overwhelming 89% of the cleaning staff does not feel sufficiently respected socially and economically. Sometimes they feel like invisible people. Let's change this!.

We want to dignify the work of the cleaners so we provide them support, technology and a true purpose of service that generates positive interactions with the building users. 

With high rates of staff turnover and absenteeism, as well as high business costs related to this, it is critical for service providers to keep their employees happy and engaged.


Data-driven cleaning provides a completely different route for efficiency enhancements.

Driven by People, Powered by Technology

New technology cannot create value and new operational processes on its own, new technology can act as an enabler that makes it possible to harness real-time data that empowers cleaning teams and facility managers to work more efficiently and make other and better decisions.


Machines are bad at handling uncertainty. As a team, the human and computer are far more powerful than either alone, especially under uncertainty.  Professional cleaners have to handle uncertainty all the time, especially in large, complex environments such as universities, airports and agilile workplaces -Activity Based Working-.


"Cleaners work smarter, not harder"

Cleaning staff engagement:

Data-driven cleaning helps businesses make workforce productivity and well-being a priority in their operations. It puts technology in the hands of employees, letting them at all times have an overview, make informed decisions, and plan ahead. It bestows employees with a sense of agency and significance when they get to focus on areas and tasks in need, rather than having to follow a predetermined schedule regardless of the situation.


Data-driven cleaning is about working smarter,

cleaners feels meaningful when they know that every task matters, and better control means less stress and a more balanced working situation. Connecting employees with technology makes them happier, more loyal employees.

The education revolution

A cleaning company will only ever be as good as its workforce and our sector does need to invest in training to really and truly succeed.  Mobile phones is challenging the traditional methods of cleaner education and engagement. Within our mobile app for cleaners we offer a learning experience where cleaners can learn at different times of the day from any location with immediate access to all courses available.

Communication & Duress

Cleaners and lone workers can hit a button within our mobile app if they in an emergency situation and your designated responders will be alerted via email or push notification in real-time. You can also see the employees current location using live maps.

Employer branding strategy

Through technology, we encourage the commitment of cleaning staff through different solutions:


  • On line employee satisfaction surveys

  • Employee benefits club: We increase the emotional salary through an exclusive portal of advantages and discounts in more than 300 brands

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