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How it Works

How it works

Wowex is an IoT & AI company, bringing intelligence to Facilities with connected sensors and intelligent algorithms, enabling data-driven Cleaning operations.


Our Data-driven cleaning approach changes the entire logic of how cleaners can work. It allows cleaners to focus entirely on addressing existing cleaning needs and predicting future ones, rather than having to spend time and energy finding out what those needs are. 

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"Wowex empowers cleaning teams with new and smarter ways of working"

Real-Time data from workers location, sensors that measure visitor traffic and refill levels is displayed in an easy-to-use web application, directing cleaning teams to where they are needed most.    

The data collected allows us to build real-time TouchPoint analytics giving us a heads up on what areas have had the most staff movements allowing us to prioritise cleaning schedules based on TouchPoint cleaning load demands.










As static cleaning schedules are transformed into need-based work, the workforce can focus their time and attention on what is needed, where and when it is needed. Unnecessary and repetitive tasks are eliminated and cleaning resources can be optimized.

The cleaning APP automatically schedules a cleaning route based on the data collected by the sensors. As a result, cleaning is done more efficiently and faster, only in those places that really need to be cleaned. Unnecessary and repetitive tasks are eliminated and cleaning resources can be optimized.



Give your front line workers real-time tools, content and alerts that improve efficiency and quality of service delivery



Cleaning teams can act on real-time data to deliver higher quality more effectively, and eliminate complaints 


Site Managers

Provide site managers and supervisors with a live view of service delivery at the sites they are responsible for



Empower management to use data to lower costs, improve quality, reduce risks and improve worker safety across all facilities

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"The result of Wowex approach is a revolutionary boost to efficiency, quality, user satisfaction and staff engagement"

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