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Customizing user cleaning experience

Employee experience:

A consumer mindset is changing business interactions in an organic way, so users demand more from the places where they spend even more time than they do in their own homes. The employee experience is front and center. The person comes first. The next level of user experience is allowing the user to personalise their own space and experience. “Employees want a high-quality workplace experience which makes their lives easier, and is tailored to them”.

Clean and attractive surroundings not only makes every day work, it also means a more productive working environment that induces well-being and job satisfaction. At the same time, the cleanliness of your company surroundings is crucial for the impression your company or organization leave with customers and guests.

We work in close collaboration with all our customers to understand precisely what is needed to deliver Cleaning Excellence. We then create a professional, transparent cleaning solution, tailored around specific needs and requirements. Our unique technological platform allows users to easily customize their wishes in relation to cleaning service. This is what we call co-creation and encourages the customization of the end-user experience.

Our cleaning solution is focus on the experience. Flexible and agile spaces are chosen for the experience.


Wowex learn from the hospitality world. The best hotels connect with you in a special way and make you feel welcome so you want to go back.


It’s all about the service and the people.

Data-driven cleaning enables us to move beyond a strong cost focus and achieve recognition for the value we provide. Being able to demonstrate work performance creates new opportunities  to guarantee a high quality of service, and to bring user satisfaction up and complaints down. Cleaning teams can act on real-time data to deliver higher quality more effectively, and eliminate complaints by being able to proactively respond to cleaning needs. This proactive approach to cleaning operations has been shown to generate increased customer satisfaction by 30%

Key Benefits:

  • React to cleaning issues as they occur, improving customer service

  • Predict cleaning patterns using analytics of historical data

  • Increased customer satisfaction 30%

  • Meet 100% of your Service Level Agreement obligations with real-time asset status updates.

The traditional cleaning industry average NPS -Net Promoter Score- is 30%. Set a new standard of customer satisfaction. It becomes possible to eliminate complaints and radically increase customer satisfaction

From Customer Feedback to Actionable Insights.


We transform offline customer journeys by measuring, understanding, and acting on real-time cleaning feedback.

The globally-recognized and trusted 4 Smileys capture the satisfaction levels of your customers and employees in just seconds. Our feedback collecting Smileys and data analytics solution will help you improve your customer experience, workplace happiness, and bottom line.


Feedback Collecting Smileys

Our Smiley feedback solution makes capturing and analyzing feedback so easy, to save time and energy to focus on making measurable and successful improvements.

Approachable, anonymous, and easy-to-use, our Smileys help you listen to your customers and employees in all business environments.

"Human sensor"

With simple buttons devices we enable people to interacting directly to report the need for an intervention

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